2008 a year we’ll never forget!

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Just a short year ago our newsletter stated “multifamily market indicators are shooting up” and they’ve only become stronger in the past year! You’ll see on the back of this publication we’ve sold a number of properties and there will be many more transactions in 2009!

With the collapse of both the financial and mortgage markets on the east and west coasts, investors are scrambling to find safe investments for their money. They don’t want to settle on the returns of CD’s or savings accounts so they are
turning to commercial investments and specifically housing aka: multifamily apartments!
Current lending rates are at all time lows and the problems on the coasts have not affected the Midwest and Iowa. There are numerous local banks who want to lend their money on multifamily properties.
Many investors have voiced concerns about the new administration raising capital gains tax on property sales, which is a good reason to look at 1031 Exchanges or Charitable Remainder Trusts for your family!
Be careful of what you hear in the news, or from late night TV and “guru investment specialists.” Most of what you hear is false and doesn’t apply to our market! If you want accurate information we suggest calling us! We work THIS market daily and understand how to make it work for you.
We have Buyers looking for properties and owners wanting to sell their properties. Many owners want to sell their property but reduce their tax liability. They also want to maintain a future revenue stream but at the same time reduce their work load! If you fit into any of these categories be sure to contact us for a private planning session!