Cedar Rapids real estate mentioned in Wall Street Journal

I’m sure you’ve heard how bad the real estate market is across the country but the Wall Street Journal named Cedar Rapids as one of the bright spots across the US!

Government Stimulus Programs could benefit commercial real estate

By Denise Kalette It’s been a busy week for President Barack Obama. On Tuesday he signed into law his $787 billion economic stimulus plan. Earlier today, he unveiled a $75 billion program to stem the tide of home foreclosures. To what extent will these moves benefit the commercial real estate industry? NREI asked a handful of economists and industry experts…

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Thinking of investing? Borrow at 6% buy at a 9% Cap Rate!

This is an excellent time to be thinking of a real estate investment. Local lenders are still lending at excellent rates. You can make 2-4 % on the Bank’s money and 8-10% on your equity. Try that in the stock market right now.Area banks have plenty of money but want 20-25% down. They are also looking further back at historical…

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Improving your returns in 2009

Interest rates are near historic lows creating excellent opportunities to buy or to refinance current properties. We are seeing 6% or less Loan Rates with 5 to 10 yr. balloons and 25 yr. amortizations. If you don’t refinance, we suggest you ask yourself a couple of questions. 1-Am I earning a market rate of return on my equity? If you…

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Expense Creep is it costing you thousands!

We are amazed at the number of owners we meet and find they haven’t really paid close attention to their expenses.We see owners let rents settle, property management fees creep up and utilities increase. Many owners just go by each month happy they’ve put some money in their pocket and they say “I’m paying the mortgage down each month.” They…

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2008 a year we’ll never forget!

Just a short year ago our newsletter stated “multifamily market indicators are shooting up” and they’ve only become stronger in the past year! You’ll see on the back of this publication we’ve sold a number of properties and there will be many more transactions in 2009! With the collapse of both the financial and mortgage markets on the east and…

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Fee’s are thought of as a "hidden economy"

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we are now getting charged “fees” everywhere we turn! Remember how great is was when you didn’t have to pay a monthly service fee for your checking account but now you pay a fee for almost everything at the bank! Here’s a great article from our local newspaper that will open your eyes!…

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Freddie Mac is looking at apartment loans

A couple weeks ago I saw an interesting article that Freddie Mac is looking to get into apartment loans! Freddie Mac is a government sponsored provider of home funding. If they get this approved they can bundle together apartment loans and sell them as mortgage backed securities! Read the entire article here:

Future is Bright for Apartment Owners

Future is Bright for Apartment Owners Local real estate professionals say tighter lending standards after the crash of the subprime market—loans made to people with poor credit history—is bringing back renters. Read Full Article

Third Quarter Strength Boosts Multifamily Market

Third Quarter Strength Boosts Multifamily Market By Parke M. ChapmanBuoyed by the single-family housing downturn and fewer tenant concessions, apartment fundamentals improved sharply during the third quarter. One caveat is that a handful of Sunbelt markets with an over-abundance of unsold condominium units actually saw their fundamentals weaken during the quarter. Manhattan-based real estate consulting firm Reis Inc. reports that…

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