96% increase in apartment sales in 2010

The team had a great year in 2010. We helped buyers and sellers with a number of properties and we really feel we are seeing an upturn in Iowa and the midwest. This article form only confirms what we are seeing happen right now! If you are looking to buy or sell a multifamily apartment building be…

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Updates on tax cut extension in 2011

2010 was a brisk year for sales. Some of that due to owners worried about the increase in capital gains and cost recovery taxes. The tax cuts were extended but for how long? This article offers more insight: Are you planning to sell your investment properties soon? Have you calculated your current ROE or Return on Equity? Contact us to…

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Multi-family Hot Markets in 2011

MultiFamily Executive magazine has a great article on the hot markets for 2011. A shortage is brewing in the multifamily market as there have been very few new building projects the past few years. Over time this will catch up and create a need for more units… they predict this has already started Are you seeing this kind of…

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Cedar Rapids Ia market update as read at Forbes

Forbes recently posted a very interesting and upbeat article on what we in Cedar Rapids already know but not everyone around the country does! First read the article here: This is a testament to the the investment market we have in Cedar Rapids. Combine that with solid multifamily investment properties and you can’t find a better combination! Any comments?…

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Wall Street Journal reports Apartment Rents Rebound

The Wall Street Journal reported apartments rents have rebounded making apartment owners happy! Vacancies are down which has allowed some owners to raise rents You can view the entire article here:


My associate Bob Wilkes wanted me to send this to everyone: The $8,000 tax credit for home buyers expired April 30th. That credit pushed home sales forward and as expected June and July home sales declined rather drastically. It’s our opinion that most of the would be buyers are gone and that leaves the renters. Some people simply prefer to…

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C.R. landlords face registration deadline

CEDAR RAPIDS – The city is reminding landlords they have until Oct. 31 to register rental units with the city or face a penalty of $1,000 for each month they fail to register. GOVERNMENT NOTES The one-time license fee is $50. The city is particularly concerned that small landlords – those perhaps renting a part of their home to one…

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Another solid report of the MultiFamily recovery!

MultiFamily Executive reported the apartment/multifamily recession is now over! Most of the examples are outside the midwest but good market conditions on the coasts generally lead to better conditions in the midwest. Read the entire article here:

WSJ reports Multifamily Sales defy the slump

In this article: the Wall Street Journal reports multifamily sales are on the rise. We’ve seen similar activity in the midwest and really never saw a decline in multifamily apartment sales. The second quarter 2010 sales were up 32%! If you’re thinking of buying or selling multifamily apartments contact us and we’ll help you find the right properties!

REJournals reports MultiFamily remains top market performer

Recently in an article published by REJournals Multi-family market remains top performer in Midwest Ed Padilla didn’t hesitate to say the strongest commercial market today continues to be multifamily!