Experts to Share Views on Opportunities at 2010 Real Estate Investor Summit

Kiyosaki Advisors Ken McElroy and Wayne Palmer headline faculty at 8 day event


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The Real Estate Guys(TM) radio show announced that renowned real estate experts Ken McElroy and Wayne Palmer will present their views on current opportunities arising from the real estate crisis during The Real Estate Guys 8th Annual Investor Summit.  The unique event kicks off in New Orleans on April 9th and continues for seven days during a cruise of the Western Caribbean.

“The real estate market is in a shambles right now,” notes radio show host and summit emcee Robert Helms.  “Recovery isn’t going to happen until buyers return to the market in large numbers.  But most potential buyers are either scared or unqualified under today’s stricter lending guidelines.”

Helms says investors have a major role to play in recovery.  “Banks don’t want to be landlords,” he notes.  He contends that investors are the ideal candidates to step in and buy excess properties.  This helps stem the flood of inventory being dumped on the market, stabilizes prices, and provides a much needed pool of landlords and private capital to manage and improve vacant and dilapidated properties.

Show co-host Russell Gray, adds, “The market needs more investors right now. When the number of owner occupants goes down, it’s obvious we need more landlords. Otherwise, the properties languish with the banks and continue to drag on the economy.”

The two men founded the Investor Summit eight years ago at the beginning of the real estate boom.

“Filling up the ship back then was easy,” states Helms.  “Everyone wanted to be a real estate investor.”  But since the bust, he says many people have fled real estate as an investment vehicle – never to return.

“It’s sad,” says Gray.  “Ironically, now is arguably the best time to be a buyer.  Interest rates are low, prices are reasonable compared to rents, and there’s a big selection; plus there’s not much competition because so many people have left the business.”

For this year’s Summit,The Real Estate Guys have recruited McElroy and Palmer – two of the most respected names in mainstream real estate investing.  Both men are long term industry veterans with proven track records. Each has gained substantial notoriety through their roles as advisors to investor and author of record setting best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki.

“We are thrilled to have such experienced and successful investors as our keynote speakers,” says Helms.  “Both of these guys have been through tough markets before.  They know tough times often present the best opportunities.”  Palmer will be teaching many his strategies in workshops at the Summit.

Mr. McElroy began as a residential property manager and today is a principal with MC Companies in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The firm syndicates, builds and manages income properties in three states. They are actively acquiring additional units during the downturn.

“Last year was our best year ever,” according to McElroy, “and 2010 is looking even better.  This is the one of the best markets I’ve ever seen for acquiring income properties.”

Mr. Palmer is a principal of National Note of Utah and began his real estate career in 1976. He has extensive experience in sales, development and is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in creative real estate financing.

“They say necessity is the mother of invention,” comments Palmer. “Back in the early 80’s when interest rates were sky high, you had to be creative or you didn’t survive. Even though today’s rates are low, financing is still hard to get – so creativity has once again become a necessity.”

Also joining the Summit faculty is attorney Garrett Sutton, who specializes in asset protection and syndication strategies for real estate investors. He is a best selling author in his own right and along with McElroy and Palmer is a “Rich Dad Advisor” to Robert Kiyosaki. All three are contributing authors to one of Kiyosaki’s latest releases, The REAL Book of Real Estate.

“In spite of the current short term uncertainty, most people expect real estate to be worth more in 20 years,” observes Gray. “The big question is when, where and how to take advantage. That’s where experience is invaluable.  These guys have that experience.”

“People are scared right now and rightfully so,” says Helms. “The job market still stinks. The deficits are huge. There are foreclosures and bank failures in record numbers. However, history tells us that huge fortunes are made coming out of every recession – sometimes from blind luck, but more often because of education, knowledge, sound strategy and bold action. For the national economy to get healthy, each individual family needs to prosper and regain confidence. We think the Summit is a great forum for individual investors to learn and share ideas to advance that process.”

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